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Rajasthan Travel Guide

Rajasthan is where all the country’s similes and metaphors appear to have come together to create a visual extravaganza. Majestic palaces and rugged forts, spectacular deserts, wooded hills and tranquil lakes, bustling towns and quiet villages, amazing flora and fauna and of course, the colorful and vibrant people of Rajasthan form an intricate tapestry of mysticism, grandeur and rusticity. An ancient land of princes, palaces and preening peacocks, is renowned for its great monuments, exquisite art and culture, that date back to several centuries. There is a haunting air of romance, about the state, which is palpable in its every nook and corner. The shimmering, mysterious Thar desert simply mesmerises the onlooker. One visit is not enough to capture the real essence of this magical land. You will, we assure you, keep coming back for more.

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• The Palace on Wheels

Behind the breathtaking beautiful facade, expect to find contradictions to the ordinary and mundane aspects of vacationing. Wherever you travel, particularly when you escape from the popular tourist destinations, you will come across the unexpected, whether it is a local fair or a bustling bazaar or mind-blowing architectural wonders. The mood and the rhythm of the countryside changes from one region to another, and from season to season. It is a land of magical fantasies that remain a lifetime memory.

No other region in the country, reconciles the many paradoxes of India in itself, as does Rajasthan. Unexpected forest glens, lakes and temples, appear like mirages in the desert. On the crags are seen rugged forts, testimony to a turbulent history. Innumerable temples, dating back to the 7th century, still survive amidst scattered ruins, medieval cities exist around turreted marble palaces and spacious gardens.

The state represents an unusual diversity in all its forms - people, culture, customs, costumes, cuisine, dialects and music. Rajasthanis are a handsome people, known for their brilliant costumes. They express themselves in colour and sound, not easily seen or heard anywhere else, in the country. Rajasthan overwhelms with colour found in bustling bazaars; in the exotic attire of its people; and in the winding streets, where elephants and camels vie with buses and cars. Rajasthan is a destination that defies definition.

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So rich is the history of the land that every roadside village has its own tales of valor and sacrifice for the telling. Check out the mood of various Destinations in Rajasthan, most liked and appreciated by Travelers around the globe.

  • Udaipur, The City of Lakes
    This romantic, hilly town of palaces and lakes in southeastern Rajasthan is often described as the Venice of the East.
  • Jaipur, The Pink City
    An old Rajasthani proverb asks, "What have I accomplished in my life, if I have not seen Jaipur?"
  • Jaisalmer, The westernmost citadel of the desert
    Jaisalmer is celebrated for the exquisite stone-carved havelis or mansions of the merchants who held the reins of its destiny.
  • Bikaner - Simply awesome and beautiful
    Vast expanse of rippling sand and scorching sun. An arid, rocky scrubland. It is situated on an elevated ground, surrounded by a seven-kilometer-long embattled wall marked by five gates.
  • Jodhpur, The Sun City
    The 16th century capital of the Rathore Rajputs, Jodhpur's history is evident in the hilltop fort, Mehrangarh, from where its destiny was written.
  • Bharatpur, Better known for its Bird Sanctuary
    P aradise for the avian world, and the pilgrimage for the bird lovers.
  • Mount Abu, A hill station known as son of Himalaya
    Mount Abu, is both a hill resort and a pilgrimage site. This mountain lies at the southern extremity of the Aravalli Range. Surrounded by forests, rich in flora and fauna, the town appears as an oasis.
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