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Best Hotels In Malaysia

Top 10 Hotels in Malaysia

Best Hotels In Malaysia

Hotel in Penang

Penang is another town that similar to Kuala Lumpur with the modernity and high standard of living. Penang listed in UNESCO World Cultural Heritage as most of historical buildings are well-maintained and the multiracial harmonious. It’s been well-known as food heaven with variety choice of foods with the existing white sands beach.

Hotel In Malacca

Malacca has been a well-known for its great holiday location and local dishes such as Nyonya influenced cuisine. Home to Malaysia’s unique heritage that will captivate eyes of every visitors. Definately a great destination for your next holiday in south east asia.

Hotel In Perak

Ipoh is a relaxing leisure place. Locals love to go ipoh for weekend escape or as a stop to rest between Penang and Kuala Lumpur. Recently, Ipoh’s speciality such as historical buildings, delicious chinese cuisine, relaxing retreats have attracted lots of tourists visit Ipoh.

Hotel In Pahang

One of the largest state in Malaysia is Pahang. It is famous that Pahang surronded with mountains, rainforests and white sand beaches with colourful carol. Genting Highland and Cameron Highland is the most significant attraction in Pahang with the cooling weather that recognised internationally.

Coworking space in Malaysia

The Digital Age Nomad & Coworking Scene In Kuala Lumpur

coworking space in kuala lumpur

What is a digital nomad? We’ve come across this term quite often lately, especially in relation to entrepreneurs, start-ups and coworking spaces. In a nutshell, a digital nomad is someone who travels and is dependent on internet technology to work. They are freelancers, entrepreneurs, consultants or employees who are not tied to an office desk but able to work from remote locations thanks to the internet. Quite often the nature of their job itself revolves around the internet – digital marketing, online apps and softwares, and ecommerce.  


Digital nomads have been around for almost a decade. The trend of working and travelling on a long-term basis evolved into a lifestyle choice for many, mostly made up of the millennial generation, looking to escape the corporate rat-race, routine or simply find a more fulfilling work-life balance.

Inspired to travel, particularly around Asia, digital nomads were propelled into their new-found existence with the aid of virtual technology, particularly the emergence of Wifi, smartphones, social media and of course the mushrooming of shared work spaces and virtual offices around the world. These mediums have complemented the nomadic lifestyle immensely by allowing them to earn through online platforms whilst indulging their wanderlust.

Coworking space in Kuala Lumpur

Coworking spaces have been a boon to the digital nomad lifestyle. In Kuala Lumpur itself there are more than 20 virtual offices within the city centre. They serve as a work base for many who require a working environment that is efficient and convenient during their travels, especially in developing countries. Whilst a majority of coworking spaces in Kuala Lumpur have the basic set-up – internet connection, coffee, cubicles, rudimentary office supplies, and facilities – others have taken the initiative to extend their services of a virtual office. This includes providing a mailing address, telephone/fax connection, receptionist, conference space, food to order and even going as far as organising networking events for their clients.

Another advantage of working from a shared office is the open, collaborative and synergic environment. With most digital nomads being independent workers from different walks of life and professional backgrounds, coworking spaces in Kuala Lumpur are a perfect meeting spot for entrepreneurs looking to connect with likeminded people, enlarge their network and even recruit new clients. The dynamic influence of self-motivated and enthusiastic individuals helps the digital nomad stay productive whilst learning from each other.

Plus add to that the opportunity for acquiring new skills and knowledge as coworking spaces even conduct their own business programs for personal and professional development.

Professional Development

For digital nomads and entrepreneurs who are pretty new to the scene, connecting with a local coworking space is a good starting point. Many shared offices, being pioneers in their respective locations, have cultivated connections to resources, mentors and speakers who are willing to share their knowledge and experiences. Offering programs particularly those that focus on digital marketing helps the digital nomad keep abreast of developing trends within the ecommerce industry as they are reliant on online exposure to build up their business. Most courses are designed to address the fundamentals of creating websites, utilising social media and software programming tips that are essential to the client’s work.

Research & Validation

For a majority of digital nomads looking to launch their own startup, it is important to have a good understanding of their business modal. Coworking spaces that offer research and validation as an added service can help to improve the odds of successfully developing a new product. This part of the business planning process is essential to establish the viability of the product. Research and validation can identify a ready customer base as well as predict their response to the product. This in turn can help determine the brand positioning. Coworking spaces with an established network of alliances can assist with the market research, surveys and audience build-up.

Business Planning

Another valuable support service offered by coworking spaces is business planning. They assist with writing down the business plan, creating a clear blueprint and analysing every step of the process to help identify weaknesses and opportunities. Services usually include courses that introduce relevant tools to support business planning, assistance with coordinating the execution of the business plan as well as crowd funding.

Check Out The Best Coworking Space In Kuala Lumpur

Tip dan Tricks Menjadi Blogger Terbaik

Menjadi blogger terbaik

Sangat mudah untuk anda gelar diri anda seorang blogger, tetapi adakah antara blogger yang terbaik? Seorang blogger yang baik sentiasa memberi jawapan dan isi yang berfaedah kepada pembaca. Berikut adalah tip dan trik untuk anda menjadi blogger terbaik.

Content is the King!

Content is the King! Ya! Content blog anda adalah faktor paling penting bagi menjadi blogger. Siapa yang mahu baca content yang bosan dan tidak menarik? semua orang ingin membaca informasi yang menarik dan berguna kepada mereka. Pembaca akan lebih gemar untuk membaca sesuatu yang mereka percaya itu ialah maklumat yang betul lagi tepat dan yang boleh dipercayai. Anda harus melakukan pencarian dan belajar tentang apa yang perlu terlebih dahulu dan selepas itu cipta cerita anda di dalam blog anda. Contoh blogpost ini Teka Teki mempunyai 6,500 carian sebulan. Mengikut Keyword Planner.

Mempunyai Identiti

Contoh seorang blogger dari Malaysia Teguh Prasetyo mengguna nama beliau yang unik. Adakah anda mempunyai gaya tersendiri? Cari gaya anda sendiri dan terbaik adalah menjadi diri sendiri. Bagi untuk orang mengenali anda pasti nya anda harus mempunyai nama unik dan gaya tersendiri. Anda harus dapatkan nama anda supaya orang dapat mengenali anda dan nama ini yang mewakili diri anda.

Jika anda seorang yang kelakar, mungkin anda boleh letak gambar yang kelakar, seperti meme atau gif yang kelakar. Contoh nya seperti di bawah:

teka teki

Gambar & Video Menarik

Gambar dan video yang menarik amat penting dalam blog kita. Pembaca selalu nya akan lebih tertarik jika ada gambar atau video bagi memudahkan mereka faham dengan isi kandungan blogpost anda. Mereka akan lebih tertarik jika anda mempunyai gambar yang unik dan bukan nya dapat gambar itu dari orang lain atau google. Pastikan anda memasukkan gambar dan video anda sendiri untuk blog anda. Jangan sesekali mengambil gambar atau video orang lain.

Share Button ke media sosial di Setiap Blogpost

Media sosial merupakan satu platform carian baharu dan terkinin untuk pembaca mencari apa yang mereka mahu. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram adalah media sosial antara yang terbesar di dunia. Orang akan lebih gemar mencari sesuatu di media sosial. Sebab tu anda perlu manfaatkan media sosial. Anda harus mempunya share button ke media sosial supaya pembaca boleh share atau kongsi post anda kepada kawan dan rakan mereka di media sosial. Dengan itu, anda akan dapat lebih trafik dari media sosial.

Anda juga boleh lihat video di bawah ini

What SEO Methods To Use within Malaysia

What SEO Methods To Use within Malaysia

pakar seo malaysia rawak post
The search engine optimization industry is constantly changing and evolving. There are techniques who had provided excellent outcomes for years which are not effective since Google changed their algorithm. As a result, website marketing professionals have experienced to build up many new SEO methods. Anyone who wishes to be an authority in the SEO process is dedicated to constant learning so as to keep track of the changes.

What trends will require the spotlight in SEO utilization and application in 2016? A number of 2016’s new development will continue to evolve into 2016, causing improved marketing practices, along with more potent website optimization.

Expert Help: SEO Malaysia

Mobile Optimization Gets More Important


Getting good results out from optimization is starting to become more difficult if one ignores the mobile side of the equation. You can find incredible opportunities for mobile-focused efforts to pay off big.

Shopping online is much more prevalent in society than a year ago, as well as the latest statistics reveal that four in five customers in the united states utilize a smartphone. Actually, the season 2016 saw mobile browsing become a little more popular than desktop use. The predominance of tablets, smartphones along with other personal devices continue to enhance. Factoring in only these few things should convince someone that 2016 would be the year of mobile design.

Page load time is amongst the most critical considerations in mobile website optimization. User experience is amongst the major factors affecting SEO and thus, flawless mobile website experience is vital for successful SEO.

The Decline In The Value Of Keywords


Although keywords were once very important on paper an online success content, this is not the case. This is not the situation anymore like it was once.

It offers all become regarding the content which is being wear these website pages and just how the audience is experiencing this content overall. Factors including keyword density have lost their importance. The most important aspect is now based on the quality and entire content.

A repeating customer is one that most websites would like to attract, and those customers want this sort of relationship because of their favorite brands too. To accomplish this goal, valuable content is a definite necessity. It needs to be content which makes sense, draws in the reader, leaving them wanting more. A website’s online search engine ranking is significantly affected by many people spending additional time exploring it.


Multimedia Content Is At Last

It’s always been prophesied, but the tipping point is finally here: Smart websites can’t ignore multimedia any further.

Target audiences tend not to would like to waste their time and that is certainly where multimedia opportunities turn up. That’s one of the major reasons why people have a tendency to be fascinated by videos, slideshows and infographics.

A different way to boost engagement is usually to provide multimedia content. The possibility of such content going viral is considerably higher. Videos are widely shared on social media marketing. Social media shares and links on these internet sites also affect organic rankings.

Those who are not currently taking full advantage of multimedia content may want to give it a go in 2016. This tactic should resulted in a significant improvement in term of search result ranking, traffic and user engagement.

Engaging content and overall user experience are increasingly becoming the driving factors of overall SEO strategy. The sites that will possess the best search engine ranking positions in 2016 are the types that provide users what they really want. The demand for intelligent website marketing, including smart SEO, is only going to increase over time. Knowing how SEO works and precisely what is becoming standard with it may help those who would like to be more recognized online with a happy audience.

Blogging tips – Tools hebat

Tools hebat untuk blogger hebat

Sebagai seorang blogger kita harus mengetahui mengenai tools yang kita harus guna dan harus ada untuk membantu kerja sebagai seorang blogger yang berjaya.

Link Rosak – Broken Link Checker

Tools untuk periksa link mati atau rosak akan bantu kita imbas dan kenalpasti blog kita untuk link yang rosak dan tunjuk kita cara untuk menghapuskan atau tukarkan yang link yang rosak itu kepada yang lain. Periksa blog anda untuk memastikan link mati atau rosak tiada adalah kewajiban dalam rutin anda, Ianya kerana pautan yang mati boleh memberi kesan buruk kepada pengalaman pengunjung dan kedudukan ranking kita di google.

Kata Kunci – Google Keyword Planner

Kata kunci atau keyword adalah penting untuk blog post anda boleh menjadi sangat hebat jika anda tahu mana satu kata kunci atau keyword yang terbaik untuk digunakan. Target utama kita ialah untuk dapat trafik ke blog kita tetapi tanpa tools dan cara betul akan menjadi lebih sukar. Google Keyword Planner akan tolong kita mencari kata kunci yang betul untuk kita tulis blog post kita. Seperti Teka Teki mempunyai 6,500 carian

Sebab nya ramai orang suka cari benda kelakar. HAHAHA!

teka teki

Pemantauan Trafik – Google analytic

Google Analytic adalah sebuah freemium tools untuk kita analisis data dan ianya akan menyediakan statistik dan alat analisis asas untuk pemasaran online. Ia nya ada tools yang digunakan di belakang sebuah website atau dipanggil backend. Ia harus di buat dengan menuliskan atau salin kod (Javascript) dan letak di backend website anda. Kita pasti mahu memantau blog kita dan mesti selalu cuba untuk meningkatkan kadar trafik ke blog kita, dengan itu, kita haruslah menambah dan menggunakan Google Analytic di backend blog anda.

Peniruan – Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarism bermaksud seseorang salin dan tiru (copy & paste) sebuah artikel daripada blogger lain dan membuatnya jadi artikel sendiri. Ia nya amat lah tidak beretika untuk seorang blogger dan akan mengundang bahaya kerana boleh di kenakan penalti oleh Google. Dengan menggunakan tools untuk periksa peniruan, anda boleh dengan mudah mengimbas post yang di publish oleh seorang pengarang itu untuk dapat tahu bahawa sebuah artikel itu adalah tulen atau ditiru (Plagiarized).

Tatabahasa – Grammar Checker

Kita boleh menggunakan tools yang sangat hebat dan terbaik dikenali sebagai GrammarCheck. Saya sangat sarankan nya. Tetapi ia tidak boleh didapati dalam bahasa Melayu. Jika tidak, kita harus sama ada bayar pakar untuk periksa post blog sebelum kita post untuk menyemak ralat tatabahasa (proof reader), atau  kita guna tools untuk memudahkan kerja kita dan ianya amat penting untuk pastikan kita menggunakan tatabahasa yang tepat dan betul kerana ia menunjukkan kualiti diri kita sebagai penulis dan blogger.

Kita ambil seorang Blogger Malaysia iaitu Teguh Prasetyo sebagai contoh. Sebuah blog menggunakan sepenuhnya bahasa Melayu

Lihat video di bawah untuk penerangan mudah buat blog.

What is Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)?

Dispute resolution in Malaysia


Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) is a method of disagreement resolution technique that may be employed as an option to litigation and adjudication by a court of justice. Parties can therefore settle a dispute without or with the help of third parties.

Litigation is often tedious, lengthy and costly, and involves a much longer time to settle cases. This is why many people are seeking alternative methods as the advantages of alternative dispute resolution are apparent with methods like arbitration, conciliation, negotiation and mediation.

Read more: Dispute Resolution In Malaysia

There are diverse bodies the world over that fill this need, for instance, the Financial Ombudsman in the UK and SIDREC in Malaysia, which are alternative dispute resolution centers over the globe. These bodies give free, quick and invaluable systems for picking cash related issues that examiners face with their brokers, derivatives, unit trust agents, and fund management.

There can be various reasons that social occasions need to proceed to case, and it is excessive the inadequacy of either assembling. There could be miscommunications amongst budgetary experts and vendors and these regularly provoke mistake and misrepresentation. The dispute resolution process helps this by understanding what has unfurled and work towards an answer, it is conceivable that it being fraudulent misrepresentation, mismanagement of funds, or even issues with your unit trust investments.


ADR has been extending contemporary observable quality as a strategy for open thought determination as it is seen to be fundamentally more cost and time compelling. As the measure of arbitrators and mediators are making, trust in decision prudent discourse determination has moreover made as specialists with these strength enter the field powerfully and wind up being more unmistakable.

Capital market theories have besides overwhelmingly created starting late with the influencing vitality for general trade. With more grounded control by government bodies on the capital markets, cash related pros can contribute unhesitatingly and successfully make winds understanding that there are regulatory bodies that they can go to when strife and solicitation rise. As dispute resolution procedures are unmistakably clarified by ADR bodies, dispute settlement induces the opportunity to be less mind boggling to wrap up.

dispute resolution in malaysia

Mediation and arbitration are dynamically grabbing detectable quality as the option for dispute resolution services, to such a degree, to the point that the legitimate courts would routinely urge for mediation to be driven as the mediation process serves as a not too bad introductory stride for settlement.

Monetary issues that are faced that would be best for alternative dispute resolution include issues with your securities brokers, derivatives brokers, unit trust agents, and investment complaints. Because ADR bodies have specialisation in these areas, they actually make better informed decisions compared to judges, who tend to have a more broad understanding of financial situations. When you have securities issues or investment issues, these bodies with financial specialist knowledge would be a better alternative to litigation.

Alternative dispute resolution is the course forward to grasping trade related issues out perspective of it being unprejudiced, thought, time and cost useful. With financial issues winding up being continuously mind boggling, individuals scanning for ADR will just enlargement in the coming years as legitimate structures over the world are urging individuals to utilize these conflict resolution services.


AVIIMO: Latest Fashion Webstore

Shopping On The Web in Malaysia

AVIIMO is a brand new onine shopping website started in August 2015. The corporation is made up of young and trendy people who interest to make a difference in the MALAYSIA Internet Shopping industry.

AVIIMO Online Shopping Malaysia

Working as a lifestyle outlet hoping to take into account stylish and assorted buyers, AVIIMO guarantees the most noteworthy nature of dress in its online store. On top of that, they gives an extensive variety of DRESSES ONLINE, for example, MAXI DRESSES, COCKTAIL DRESSES, PROM DRESSES, EVENING DRESSES and JUMPSUITS that will tempt any individual who’s keen on Malaysian style culture.

Ease is what is the exepcted from BUYING CLOTHES ONLINE and AVIIMO guarantees that. The MALAYSIA ONLINE STORE is isolated and sorted by style, cost, LATEST FASHION DESIGNS and best promotions.
AVIIMO displays the most recent footwear from FLATS, HIGH HEELS, SANDALS and WEDGES. A focused website that always renews its items, AVIIMO is for sure driving internet shopping in Malaysia.

Another significant segment of AVIIMO is its extent of MUSLIMAH FASHION and MUSLIMAH WEAR. Making beautiful and intricate traditional outfits for both men and women, this online boutique expands the experience of the web shopping foundation.

The BAJU KEBAYA MODERN and BAJU KURUNG is notable. All pieces are accurately fitted and cut to fit immaculately. Styled by outstanding designers, the BLOUSES for all social occasions are given a cutting edge.

A simple to utilize page, AVIIMO is one of the more user friendly ONLINE SHOPPING WEBSITES which offers quick and easy payment.

AVIIMO’s extensive MEN FASHION collection offers a lot for the online shopper. If you’re looking for a warm HOODIE, MEN SHOES, BELTS, HANDKERCHIEF or a classy POCKET SQUARE, this is the place to go.

More info:

All these great features of AVIIMO’s MALAYSIA ONLINE STORE are topped off with an efficient delivery service. Bringing fashion right to your doorstep, this service allows you to pick your preferred delivery time. Get all your fashion needs met without having to leave your doorstep.

Beacon Hospital: Excellence Center

Best Hospitals in Malaysia

Beacon Hospital in Malaysia is a world renowned hospital in Kuala Lumpur. Accustomed to being the best, their current expansion into an eye clinic and center for bone and joints is worth taking notice of. The current health trend of Malaysia has meant more of us have become active.

We pursue lifestyles that encourages us to exercise and play sports more often. This is a fantastic development. However with increased activity, more pressure is put on our bones and joints. Symptoms of back and neck pain become more frequent.

Beacon Hospital provides expert care for patients aiming to relieve common back and neck pains. Beacon Hospital has extended their specialization to incorporate an eye clinic. Experts can analyze instances of cataract surgery, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy and others that impact the on-goings of our daily lives. What makes Beacon Hospital different in Malaysia is their dedication to giving the latest in technology.

Their latest development is the mechanical radiosurgery unit, the Cyberknife. Advanced cutting edge technology allows for non-invasive surgery for patients with tumors wherever in the body. This dedication to staying mindful of the pace of technology ensures the lion’s share of Beacon Hospital’s patients favorable position from our rapidly creating therapeutic and technical learning. Beacon Hospital has always been an extraordinary cancer specialist center in Malaysia.

Learn More Here:

They can keep up their name as a main cancer specialist in KL utilizing the best of medical developments, for instance, the Cyberknife. Radiotherapies of this sort give a non-prominent treatment for tumors, giving patients options other than surgery. An essential unit in the center is the cerebrum and spine center, which treats issue. Careful definite gadgets, for instance, the magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machine engages specialists to exactly dissect conditions of the psyche and distinctive parts of the body.

Beacon Hospital has dedicated much of their resources to corporate responsibility programmes (CSR). Underprivileged groups that have limited access to health care and poor education in health are targeted to help educate and provide needed health care. Beacon Hospital aims to spread the awareness about cancer and the need for early detection. For healthy people, it is still vital to consider our wellbeing. Beacon Hospital’s doctors urges us to routinely have health screenings with the goal of warding off ailments.

More Information:

Generally health screenings empower us to be mindful of the condition of our bodies and listening to the advice of experts helps us concentrate on curing any ignored parts of our wellbeing. Beacon Hospital Malaysia gives 24 hour care and is driven by a group of specialists that practice with empathy and devotion. Each of their specialization zones; tumor, bone and joint, spine and brain, eye specialist and wellness centre, works simultaneously to present to you the best healthcare and medicine in Malaysia.

Search Engine Marketing Expectations in 2016

Search Engine Marketing Expectations in Malaysia for 2016

The same as the earth, seo is on an ever changing circle. Whenever Google changes its algorithm, the ways which have been considered effective in ranking sites, tend not to work any further. New SEO strategies, remember, rose to fill the gap. This cycle will definitely repeat itself later on. It’s up to the experts to keep up-to-date using the latest and the majority of relevant SEO strategies.

What trends can take the spotlight in SEO utilization and application in 2016? A few of the trends that appeared in 2015 continue developing and make search engine results more relevant than previously.

seo malaysia

Mobile Optimization Keeps Gaining Ground

Getting good results away from optimization is becoming more difficult if someone ignores the mobile side of the equation. There are actually incredible opportunities for mobile-focused efforts to get rid of big.

American shoppers really are beginning to take full advantage of using their smartphones to shop, and 80% of which do so regularly. The level of Web users browsing the internet with a mobile device exceeded the volume of users browsing the web from the computer in 2015. There are far more plus more cellular devices (tablets and smartphones) out there, and people are paying a growing number of attention to them. It can be logical should be expected 2016 to become the year of the mobile website.

To make best use of mobile optimization, a website needs to load up quickly. In virtually any field of search engine marketing, the visitor’s experience around the page is of paramount importance. The longer a page takes to load, the more likely visitors is to abandon the page.

Keywords Consistently Decline In Importance

Although keywords were once vitally important in writing successful online content, this is not the truth. However, this is not the case in the current world.

Now the focus is on the quality of the user’s experience through excellent content as well as the fine online reputation of the site. Keyword density has lost its importance. Instead, text length and quality are essential to success.

People want to build relationships with websites and brands. Content that gives value can help to have this goal met. In case a site has unique and excellent content, it will likewise view a more impressive range of user engagement. The number of visitors as well as the time they spend on the site depends on the major search engines positioning.

The Role Of Multimedia In Malaysia for 2016.

Multimedia content is becoming more and more significant as readers are growing comfortable with seeing videos for anything and everything online.

The average visitor will not take note of one important thing online for an extended period of your time. People love to view videos, slideshows, and definately will gravitate toward infographics above all else on the internet.

By making use of several types of content, the engagement may be increased more. You will find a certain appeal which comes in addition to multimedia in addition to the potential for going viral. Social media marketing are an outstanding forum for spreading video content. Whenever people share of like some content, this positively affects the major search engines rankings.

Anyone who fails to use multimedia content for the fullest, should really give it a try in 2015. Paying attention to the creation of quality multimedia content can provide a major boost to optimization efforts. SEO Malaysia

In 2016, the main objective from a search engine optimisation perspective will likely be on quality content and user experience. The top ranking websites iseo n 2016 will those that target giving their visitors which they want. For many years into the future, the quantity of people coming online to locate information will continue to grow. A successful SEO campaign will utilize this desire for information and make an internet based reputation around giving people the answers they need.

Pakej Haji Dan Kelebihannya


Pakej Haji

Menjadi Tetamu di Rumah Allah

Dikenali sebagai ‘Rumah Allah’. Orang yang mengerjakan haji adalah merupakan tetamu istimewa Allah. Sesungguhnya Allah itu ada dimana mana. Ia dikatakan sebagai ‘Rumah Allah‘ kerana itu yang diucapkan oleh Nabi Ibrahim a.s. Dan sudah menjadi kebiasaan setiap tetamu mendapat layanan yang istimewa dari tuan rumah.

Kita akan Peroleh Tarbiah dari Allah SWT

Nabi Muhammad SAW bersabda:

“Bahawa Allah SWT telah menjanjikan akan ‘Rumah’ ini, akan berhaji kepadanya tiap-tiap tahun enam ratus ribu. Jika kurang nescaya dicukupkan mereka oleh Allah dari para malaikat.”

Sabda Nabi muhammad SAW lagi,

“Dari umrah pertama hingga umrah yang kedua menjadi penebus dosa yang terjadi diantara keduanya,sedangkan haji yang mabrur itu tidak ada balasannya kecuali syurga.”

Di kalangan mereka yang pernah mengerjakan haji, mereka mengatakan bahawa Ibadah Haji adalah ujian paling tinggi daripada SWT. Ini adalah disebabkan jumlah orang mengerjakan ibadah tersebut adalah terlalu ramai hingga menjangkaui jutaan orang pada satu masa.

Akan Dapat Kuatkan dan Tambah Iman

Haji akan menghimpunkan seluruh umat manusia Islam dari seluruh pelusuk dunia. Mereka terdiri dari berbilang bangsa, warna kulit dan bahasa pertuturan.

Firman Allah SWT:

“Hai manusia, sesungguhnya Kami menciptakan kamu dari seorang lelaki dan seorang perempuan dan menjadikan kamu berbangsa-bangsa dan bersuku-suku supaya kamu saling kenal mengenal.” (Al-Hujurat 13) ” Dan diantara tanda-tanda kekuasaan-Nya ialah menciptakan langit dan bumi dan berlainan bahasamu dan warna kulitmu.” (Ar-Rumm 22).

Ini akan juga dapat meluaskan pandangan dan fikiran anda mengenai kebenaran Islam dan Al-Quran yang diterangkan semua dengan jelas dan betul.

Kita akan Bersih Diri Dan Jiwa Dari Dosa

Nabi Muhammad SAW bersabda:

“Barangsiapa yang melakukan Ibadah Haji ke Baitullah dengan tidak mengucapkan perkataan keji, tidak berbuat fasik, dia akan kembali ke negerinya dengan fitrah jiwanya yang suci ibarat bayi baru lahir daripada perut ibunya.” (Bukhari Muslim)

Mengerjakan Haji mengikut Pakej Haji merupakan kesempatan bagi kita untuk bertaubat kepada Allah. Di Baitullah terdapat juga tempat-tempat yang paling mustajab untuk berdoa dan bertaubat. Ibadah haji jika dikerjakan dengan sempurna dan tidak dicampuri dengan perlakuan keji. maka Allah akan mengampunkan segala dosa-dosanya sehingga ia suci bagai baru lahir ke dunia ini.

Belajar dan mengambil Iktibar Peristiwa Bersejarah

Nabi Muhammad SAW telah bersabda:

“Wahai sahabat-sahabatku itu laksana bintang-bintang dilangit, jika kamu mengikut sahabat-sahabatku niscaya kamu akan mendapat petunjuk.”

Diantaranya sejarah Nabi dan Rasul, para sahabat Rasulullah yang mengiringi mereka. Peristiwa tersebut boleh diambil iktibar dan pengajaran untuk membimbing hati dan jiwa seseorang.
Di antara peristiwa yang terjadi ialah:

  • Perjumpaan pertama kali Nabi Adam a.s. dengan Siti Hawa di Padang Arafah.
  • Nabi Ibrahim a.s dan Nabi Ismail a.s. telah mendirikan Kaabah.
  • Nabi Ibrahim telah meninggalkan Siti Hajar dan Nabi Ismail di tengah-tengah padang pasir yang kering kontang di antara Bukit Safa dan Marwah.
  • Kisah perintah dan firman Allah SWT Nabi Ibrahim a.s. supaya menyembelih Nabi Ismail
  • Medan Badar dan Uhud sewajarnya mengingati seseorang kepada kesungguhan Rasulullah dan para sahabat menegakkan agama Allah.

Bayangan Padang Mahsyar

Firman Allah s.w.t:

“Sesungguhnya yang paling mulia di sisi Allah adalah siapa yang paling taqwa.” (Al-Hujurat-13).

Perhimpunan di Padang Arafah menghilangkan status dan perbezaan taraf hidup manusia, tiada siapa kaya, hartawan, rakyat biasa, raja atau sebagainya.

Semua mereka sama dengan memakai pakaian seledang kain putih tanpa jahit.

Bagi orang yang belum mengerjakan haji tentunya belum pernah melihat dan mengikuti perhimpunan ratusan ribu dan juga jutaan umat manusia yang berkeadaan yang sama. Ianya dapat dirasai semasa mengerjakan haji.

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