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What is Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)?

Dispute resolution in Malaysia


Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) is a method of disagreement resolution technique that may be employed as an option to litigation and adjudication by a court of justice. Parties can therefore settle a dispute without or with the help of third parties.

Litigation is often tedious, lengthy and costly, and involves a much longer time to settle cases. This is why many people are seeking alternative methods as the advantages of alternative dispute resolution are apparent with methods like arbitration, conciliation, negotiation and mediation.

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There are diverse bodies the world over that fill this need, for instance, the Financial Ombudsman in the UK and SIDREC in Malaysia, which are alternative dispute resolution centers over the globe. These bodies give free, quick and invaluable systems for picking cash related issues that examiners face with their brokers, derivatives, unit trust agents, and fund management.

There can be various reasons that social occasions need to proceed to case, and it is excessive the inadequacy of either assembling. There could be miscommunications amongst budgetary experts and vendors and these regularly provoke mistake and misrepresentation. The dispute resolution process helps this by understanding what has unfurled and work towards an answer, it is conceivable that it being fraudulent misrepresentation, mismanagement of funds, or even issues with your unit trust investments.


ADR has been extending contemporary observable quality as a strategy for open thought determination as it is seen to be fundamentally more cost and time compelling. As the measure of arbitrators and mediators are making, trust in decision prudent discourse determination has moreover made as specialists with these strength enter the field powerfully and wind up being more unmistakable.

Capital market theories have besides overwhelmingly created starting late with the influencing vitality for general trade. With more grounded control by government bodies on the capital markets, cash related pros can contribute unhesitatingly and successfully make winds understanding that there are regulatory bodies that they can go to when strife and solicitation rise. As dispute resolution procedures are unmistakably clarified by ADR bodies, dispute settlement induces the opportunity to be less mind boggling to wrap up.

dispute resolution in malaysia

Mediation and arbitration are dynamically grabbing detectable quality as the option for dispute resolution services, to such a degree, to the point that the legitimate courts would routinely urge for mediation to be driven as the mediation process serves as a not too bad introductory stride for settlement.

Monetary issues that are faced that would be best for alternative dispute resolution include issues with your securities brokers, derivatives brokers, unit trust agents, and investment complaints. Because ADR bodies have specialisation in these areas, they actually make better informed decisions compared to judges, who tend to have a more broad understanding of financial situations. When you have securities issues or investment issues, these bodies with financial specialist knowledge would be a better alternative to litigation.

Alternative dispute resolution is the course forward to grasping trade related issues out perspective of it being unprejudiced, thought, time and cost useful. With financial issues winding up being continuously mind boggling, individuals scanning for ADR will just enlargement in the coming years as legitimate structures over the world are urging individuals to utilize these conflict resolution services.


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